4 things to try when you have no internet

5 things to try when you have no internet

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Have no internet? Super Lokket to the rescue! 
Before we get started please make sure not to factory reset any of our hardware, if you do this will result in a minimum $95 call out fee for us to reconfigure your hardware.
Read our article on what not to try when you have no WiFi

1. First thing you want to check is if you have any outstanding invoices, if an invoice has become outstanding you will have an auto suspension on your account. To avoid this you can set up autopay.

If you do have an outstanding invoice make sure you pay this and once you have your service should come back within a couple of minutes.

2.  No outstanding invoices? Hmm lets see what else we can do. 
Sometimes our hardware likes to go on a little trip, this can make it look up at the sky or at the ground, you want to make sure that your hardware is looking right at the location our technician has let you know about. To see if there is an alignment issue make sure all the blue lights on your hardware are on, if they aren't then this is because of the alignment.

Forgot where we are at your location? Thats okay, click here to create a support ticket so we can let you know.

3. Still having problems? Let's see. 
We want to make sure that you have power running to all of your hardware and everything is plugged in, so make sure everything is plugged in. 

4. Everything looks good? Hmm
If you are still having problems another thing to try is power cycling your device, this is turning it off and on again and seeing if that helps. 

5. Still no internet? Your hardware does not want to cooperate does it? 
If you are still having problems you can make a support ticket by clicking here so one of our support representatives can help you ASAP.

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