Hardware FAQ

FAQ - Relating to hardware

Hardware FAQ
Have some questions relating to hardware? No problem at all Lokket has your back! Here you can view our frequently asked questions. 

1. Do you have a buy back program?
   A. No at the moment we do not have a buy back program in place.
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2. Do you have trial hardware?
   A. No we do not have any trial hardware.
3. Do you sell anything else besides the Bridge (White Bridge)?
   A. No at the moment we do not sell anything besides the bridge for you to connect to our service.
4. Do you sell any home WiFi routers?
   A. No, we do not sell any home WiFi Routers.
6. Can your hardware be used at multiple locations?
  A. Our hardware can only be used at our locations, however if you have moved to another one of our locations you can create a ticket here to see if we can get a technician to reprogram your hardware for that location.
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