How to access my client zone?

How to access my client zone?

How to access client zone
Need help accessing your client zone?

1. What is the link to login to my client zone?
A. If you are in need of the link to login to your client zone there is two ways you can find it, either you can search in your inbox for a email from "Lokket WiFi" or you can create a support ticket letting us know so we can provide it to you.

2. New user - Invitation 
A. If you are a new customer, welcome! You can find an invitation from us in your email letting you know your username and how to access your client zone!

3. How do I reset my password?
 A. If you have forgotten your password you can either click the forgot password button on the client zone login or create a support ticket letting us know so we can send you a reset link, whichever works for you. 

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